librsvg 2.42.1


- gitlab#182 - Parse the transform attribute in a faster/simpler way.
  We now use rust-cssparser instead of lalrpop.  This is especially
  noticeable on SVGs with lots of "transform" attributes.
- gitlab#187 - Don't crash when setting a gradient on a zero-sized object.
- gitlab#184 - (Windows) Don't use PangoFT2 if not available (Chun-wei Fan).
- gitlab#181 - Inherit attributes in the <svg> element properly.
- gitlab#160 - rsvg-convert - fix error reporting when reading from
  stdin (Phlip Withnall).
- gitlab#152 - Fix detection of image type in "data:" URIs when they
  don't specify a MIME type (Andreas Smas).
- gitlab#117 - (Windows) rsvg-convert - Set stdout to O_BINARY
  (Bakhtiar Hasmanan).
- gitlab#133 - More stringent parsing of path data; better tests.
- (Windows/MSVC) Fix linking of the Rust internals library (Chun-wei Fan).
- Fix typos and links in the .md files.

=========  (26.4K)

======== (5.69M)
  sha256sum: 8966eadf72be5748f3ca7a9831392d34566c32966271ddc936d53154a24fe3e7

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