jsonrpc-glib 3.27.4


Changes in this release:

 • The JSONRPC_MESSAGE_NEW_ARRAY() macro was added to allow for creating
   GVariant messages that are an array.
 • A number of conformance tests were added.
 • JsonrpcClient allows for detailed signals (G_SIGNAL_DETAILED) for
   notification and handle-call signals.
 • JsonrpcServer gained new functionality to enumerate the number of
   connected clients.
 • JsonrpcClient tries to hold on to an additional reference when
   panic is called.
 • Message parsing can now support NULL strings using maybe types when
   encoding and decoding messages.

https://download.gnome.org/sources/jsonrpc-glib/3.27/jsonrpc-glib-3.27.4.tar.xz (37.7K)
  sha256sum: 5a34f470f5bfba00a8669e130809012ffb885506cda6607989c40517f570fcd4

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