gnome-mahjongg 3.31.3

About gnome-mahjongg

Disassemble a pile of tiles by removing matching pairs


* Development release
* Switch from autotools to meson (Robert A.)
* Follow GNOME 3.32 app menu recommendations (Robert A.)
* Add Keyboard Shortcuts overlay (Jeremy)
* Hide Keyboard Shortcuts section in app help (Jeremy)
* Add Flatpak manifest (Jiri)
* Stop using intltool (Robert R.)
* Miscellaneous improvements (Anders, Andre, Carlos, Piotr)

 Robert Ancell, Jeremy Bicha, Piotr Drąg, Jiri Eischmann,
 Anders Jonsson, Andre Klapper, Robert Roth, Carlos Soriano

======== (3.00M)
  sha256sum: 61b72f7c82977021c16513b971ce59f642e0249b23bfa286cb870217000b263c

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