Re: GNOME Modulesets in BuildStream - Baby Steps

On Tue, 2017-10-31 at 20:24 +0000, Javier Jardón wrote:
On 31 October 2017 at 10:36, Tristan Van Berkom
<tristan vanberkom codethink co uk> wrote:

I'm hoping that we can take a different strategy with a converted
BuildStream project than we had with JHBuild, i.e. using git.

I would suggest that we keep a 'gnome-modulesets' git repository where
we always build master of everything, on the master branch, and that we
branch for every stable release.

We can also tag stable releases in such a way that we know that builds
from the gnome-modulesets repo at a given tag, produce exactly the same
results when one attempts to build it elsewhere (could potentially do
this for dev releases too if that's interesting).

Probably this is going to need a bit more thought, but I think it's
approximately correct and will be cleaner than supporting every version
of GNOME in the same master branch.

That was exactly the reason why [1] was created; split jhbuild from
the modulesets itself and use git to track ther gnome versions as you
Unfortunatelly it never happened because [2] was never finish
Maybe makes sense to use that repo to push the converted bst recipes?

Couple things...

  A.) No - We should not push the automatically converted BuildStream
      project to a repository that people can push to (this will lead
      to people making changes in an autogenerated branch, or thinking
      that that might be acceptable, it's not a great idea and will
      probably break things, or lose peoples commits at best).

      Instead, lets wait for the cut off, and take the last conversion
      and create an initial commit on a new repo with that.

  B.) Ahem.... gitlab anyone ?

      I know the dust has not settled and the decision is not official
      for GNOME - largely because most maintainers just wont find time
      to manually migrate their own projects to for
      the incubation period (but also because of some fair concerns
      regarding possible data loss in bug database migration).

      It would however, be awesome I think if we could transition from
      JHBuild modulesets maintained in JHBuild, directly
      to a BuildStream project maintained on

      This can let us, almost immediately start leveraging gitlab
      features for the purpose of automating builds for releases.

      Of course, if this would be too dramatic of a move, we could
      stay with for a time...


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