Re: howdy, notes on release notes

thanks for sharing the knowledge, Fred

On Thu, Mar 16, 2017 at 3:16 AM, Frederic Peters <fpeters gnome org> wrote:

Quick notes about getting release notes published:

 * this all happens on, with tne gnomeweb user

 * a git hook is supposed to create ~/git-wd/release-notes-3.24
 * it didnt' happen, I just copied over 3.22 to it, ran a git pull and
   switched branch
 * once the directory is in place, another git hook is supposed to
   create a tarball out of it (~/hooks/release-notes)
 * manually, from ~git-wd/release-notes-3.24, it can simply be run
   as a script ~/hooks/release-notes

 * edit /srv/http/library-web/extra/conf/lgorc
   * add new tarball to extra_tarballs,
   * you can force a build,
       python ~git-wd/library-web/src/
         -c /srv/http/library-web/extra/conf/lgorc
         --rebuild "/srv/http/library-web/extra-tarballs/release-notes-3.24.tar.gz"

 * http auth is done in /etc/httpd/sites.d/, you
   need a sysadmin to set and lift the protection
 * /home/users/fpeters/release-notes-passwd is not such a great place,
   it should probably be moved under ~gnomeweb/


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