gnome-recipes 0.22.0


Version 0.20.2
Released: 2017-03-12

This release focuses on tying up any loose ends before the 1.0 release.

Due to a change in the way we store shopping lists and favorites, you will have
to recreate your existing favorites and shopping list after the update.
 * Add a way to go from shopping to cooking
 * Confirm quitting with unsaved changes
 * Confirm ending cooking mode with running timers
 * Store ancillary data in GSettings
 * Match Chef names when searching
 * Add --verbose and --version commandline options
 * Make dialogs non-maximizable on OS X
 * Use a more traditional menubar on OS X
 * Bug and memory leak fixes
 * New recipes: Goulash
 * Translation updates: Brazilian Portuguese, Finnish, Friulian, German,
   Polish, Swedish

=========  (36.8K)

======== (106M)
  sha256sum: ae4f669b1f1d20f2846ad1c9f6ba6580a15347288ef3d044972c2ba589d9c7b9

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