gnome-recipes 0.20.0


Released: 2017-03-04

A minor update with OS X improvements and a new 'Export All' function.
 * Save exported recipes to a file if sending mail fails
 * Export all recipes to a file, from the app menu
 * Dialogs now follow platform conventions for header bars
 * Adapt to dark theme in some places
 * Miscellaneous improvements on OS X
 * New recipes: Nasi Lemak, Sambal Ikan Bilis, Bratkartoffeln
 * Translation updates: Brazilian Portuguese, Finnish, Friulian, Polish,

=========  (16.9K)

======== (106M)
  sha256sum: 24ce6768eacd40871b264e9a57512182c7d79c0d76d9aa8951d2d6c0fe0adaca

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