Freeze break request for gnome-shell

Hey everyone,

I'd like to land some improvements to the date+time drop-down before
entering beta. The bugs in question are:

   which adds weather information according to the location configuration
   from gnome-weather. This has been fairly high on the wishlist for a while
   (at least since 3.16), so I'm sure this will be a very welcome addition
   (and I'm sorry I only found time recently to finish up the patches)

  Note to translators:
   There's a big patch that adds non-capitalized versions of
libgweather's condition
   strings. We will not land this, so there'll be a moderate eight additions.

   which streamlines the notification area's visuals according to Allan's latest
   mockups - see

For reference, this is what the result looks like:

In my opinion, both items make for some nice polish improvements in
that area with low risk (the weather section is very isolated, and the
visual refresh is mostly a style update), so they would make for a
good (while late) 3.24 addition.


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