gstreamer 1.10.4


2017-02-23  Sebastian Dröge <slomo coaxion net>

          releasing 1.10.4

2017-02-21 20:23:51 +0000  Tim-Philipp Müller <tim centricular com>

        * libs/gst/base/gstbytereader.c:
        * tests/check/libs/bytereader.c:
          bytereader: fix peek value when scanning for 00 00 01 with non-0 offset
          We would add the offset a second time in _scan_for_start_code()
          when we found a result, but it's already been added to the data
          pointer at the beginning of _masked_scan_uint32_peek(), so the
          peeked value would be wrong if the initial offset was >0, and
          we would potentially read memory out-of-bounds.
          Add unit test for all of this.

2017-02-20 12:16:32 +0100  Wim Taymans <wtaymans redhat com>

        * gst/gstinfo.h:
          info: put () around macro arguments
          Put braces around macro arguments or else we might run into problems
          with operater precedence.

2017-02-20 10:49:46 +0100  Wim Taymans <wtaymans redhat com>

        * gst/gstdeviceproviderfactory.c:
          deviceproviderfactory: fix empty class check

2017-01-31 21:19:18 +0200  Sebastian Dröge <sebastian centricular com>

        * gst/parse/grammar.y:
          parse: Don't translate the "bin" element name
          Otherwise we won't be able to create bins, there is no element called
          "Behälter" if you're using a German locale.

======== (3.62M)
  sha256sum: 50c2f5af50a6cc6c0a3f3ed43bdd8b5e2bff00bacfb766d4be139ec06d8b5218

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