Re: UI freeze break request for Epiphany

Thats quite a bit of new code to land; but if really simplifies things as much as you say, I'm willing to give a +1.

I guess those are new strings ?

On Mon, Feb 20, 2017 at 12:26 AM, Michael Catanzaro <mcatanzaro gnome org> wrote:

We were hoping to have this finished before freeze, but unfortunately
the work was completed a week late. We have patches to add a search
engines manager to Epiphany in Bugzilla:

Screenshot attached. The UI could still use more polish, but I want to
merge it now anyway, even though it's a lot for a freeze break, for a
couple reasons:

 * It adds support for DuckDuckGo-style search engine bangs, an
important feature request.

 * It massively simplifies how search engine management works in
Epiphany. Currently it's handled by adding %s to a bookmark, which is
undiscoverable and kinda nuts. It's called "smart bookmarks." In
Epiphany 3.22, it was at least possible to edit these bookmarks
manually via the bookmarks dialog. But in current master, there is no
way to edit an existing smart bookmark. You can add smart bookmarks,
but you can never remove them.

 * Accordingly, it greatly simplifies some of the backing code for our
new bookmarks popover. The bookmarks popover has been the source of
lots of bugs recently, so simplifying this code would be very
beneficial for us. In particular, it enables us to remove the
EphyBookmarksListModel class, which is a fragile class that exists just
to filter out our smart bookmarks.


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