Re: Request for UI freeze exceptions

On 14 February 2017 at 07:30, Marcus Lundblad <ml update uu se> wrote:

Hi Marcus,

Even though the UI freeze is just hours old, I'm going to request two
UI freeze exceptions for gnome-maps.

First the public transit routing feature

We have just gotten this branch in a good shape now, even though the
feature itself is quite extensive, it's living behind an additional
switch button in the routing sidebar (showing a bus icon in addition to
the pedestrian, bicycle, and car icons). This button will currently be
insensitive until we have OpenTripPlanner infrastructure set up (and
the service is announced via the downloaded service definition, which
also contains the map tile service information), or if the user runs
with a debug environment variable pointing out a server instance (like
if you're running it locally).

Secondly we have a small feature that adds a button to reverse a route
when doing a route search
7559. A screenshot of that feature can be seen here The new button is the "arrow up/arrow
down" button next to the last destination entry (this space is currenly

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for the detail in your request

1/2 from Release Team

Javier Jardón

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