gdl 3.25.91

About gdl

GDL adds dockable widgets to GTK+. The user can rearrange those
widgets by drag and drop and layouts can be saved and loaded.
Currently it is used by anjuta, inkscape, gtranslator and others.


* Remove ome run time warnings (S├ębastien Granjoux)
* Convert various source files to UTF-8 (Emmanuele Bassi)
* dock-object: fix gtk-doc comment for dock signal (Ting-Wei Lan)

* Translation: eo Kristjan Schmidt
* Translation: fur Fabio Tomat
* Translation: da Alan Mortensen

======== (528K)
  sha256sum: 03b97e7846284c71fa6d9e04c85b68818d2015fc9456797cf42387fb42ad2552

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