[simple-scan] (13 commits) Created branch gnome-3-12

The branch 'gnome-3-12' was created.

Summary of new commits:

  4c4f9af... Correct generation of PDF trailer to conform to the PDF sta
  c655512... Releasing 3.12.1
  3510919... Add non-standard option names for duplex scanning on HP And
  91ee1ad... Stop configure if vala not found
  95465da... Don't access a variable after ownership is transferred - wa
  b42cf8b... Releasing 3.12.2
  45b43b0... Store density information in bitmap formats (JPEG, PNG, TIF
  57e00f4... Fix error where document was discarded if warning dialog wa
  5b5ab8f... Fix save button being inactive on pages restored after a cr
  ae67557... Fix error dialogs not showing
  e14e6c1... Correctly select the previous device after the device list 
  2e6f64b... Releasing 3.12.3
  3dee9a4... Move help translations to standard GNOME location

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