Ubuntu desktop to GNOME meeting


There was a public IRC meeting where Ubuntu desktop team discussed the switch to GNOME. It'll be followed by many more meetings.

IRC log: https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2017/04/18/%23ubuntu-desktop.html#t15:30
Etherpad: http://pad.ubuntu.com/n08SOl5xiA (requires Ubuntu one account with access to https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-etherpad .. I don't have access yet)

Items discussed (rough minutes!):
- GNOME default as per 17.10 (work starts NOW/asap); likely with Wayland
- start with as little patches as possible, though do that by discussing patch by patch what to drop
- use feedback to determine if/what extensions to include (dashtodock etc). They'll check if they can commit for the maintenance of whatever they depend on before depending on it.
- need decision lightdm vs gdm (might impact their guest session supportĀ + they don't like the lingering gdm session)
- email client discussion: doubts about Evolution maintenance (amount of people)
- GTK4.x for Nautilus 3.26 they rather not have
- doubts about GTK3.x and GTK4.x in same process
- maybe some kind of guide for people switching (they'll also consult their OEMs)
- OEM workflows need checking
- themes (their Unity one + various others) likely cannot be used as-is; e.g. black borders, lack of shadows around windows, etc. Also wondering if it'll become a burden in case gtk+4.x
- Flatpak and themes issue (currently Flatpak does not reuse system theme; they're not committing to Flatpak btw I think)

Shared by aruiz to the team:
- plan for Pinos / screensharing for 3.26 though might be 3.28
- fractional scaling for 3.26 under Wayland

They're still going to have various more meetings. Also they'll reach out to various maintainers.


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