String / UI break request for gnome-software 3.20

Hi all,

I'd like to backport [1] a feature from gnome-software 3.21 to 3.20. This is the authorization feature that allows plugins to prompt the user for login credentials. We are using this in Ubuntu 16.04 and would like to backport the feature to reduce our delta. Richard Hughes (gnome-software maintainer) is OK with the feature being backported as long as the string break is allowed.

I think this break is not an issue for users as I've done the following:
- The feature is not used by any of the default gnome-software plugins. So existing users will not see any change.
- I've backported all the current trunk translations for the new strings.

Is this OK?

[1] commit 9600031ede6a6b8dedc3a41763b50e0d73dfc35c in gnome-software git.

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