Re: Freeze break request, Keyboard Settings

On Thu, Sep 8, 2016 at 8:24 AM, Bastien Nocera <hadess hadess net> wrote:

The redesigned Keyboard Settings landed shortly before GUADEC, and I
had hoped that there would be less to fix up after the initial big
commit so that we would be entering the code freeze in a good state.

The following bug has a number of patches:

That make it match the designs, and fixes a number of bugs. There will
probably be a small follow-up patch, as some keybindings can't be
captured right now.

If somebody wants to test this patch set, the (reverse, as per git log)
order of the patches is:
keyboard: Don't apply "Backspace" straight away
keyboard: Add helper to detect empty keybindings
keyboard: Fix grabs not working when showing the dialog
keyboard: Don't regrab the keyboard after an event
keyboard: Don't rely on events to grab keyboard
keyboard: Don't grab the mouse pointer
keyboard: Remove unused variable
shortcut-editor: show custom page while waiting for input
shortcut-editor: move widgets into a stack
shortcut-editor: update reset button position and style
shortcut-editor: use a different page to edit custom shortcuts
keyboard: add enter-new-shortcut asset
shortcuts: remove bottom label
shortcut-editor: hide editing dialog on Escape
shortcut-editor: use states to handle headerbar mode
shortcut-editor: add 'Set' button
shortcut-editor: update header title message
keyboard: use a better icon to represent "Reset Shortcut"
keyboard: make Add button insensitive after editing
keyboard: change standard shortcut top label

Most of these look like obvious bug fixes to me (I commented on one of
them in the bug), +1 from me for landing those. Given that the new
panel is in, we need to make it work as well as the old one.

There's at least one string change here (the last patch), so lets hear
from the translators.

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