Ok to release GtkSourceView 3.24 in a few weeks?


The plan for GtkSourceView is to follow GTK+. So GtkSourceView 3.90
released at the same time as GTK+ 3.90, if everything goes well.

But last cycle (before the freeze) we didn't know that GTK+ 3.22 would
be the last GTK+ 3 version. And there was some more things that I wanted
to do in GtkSourceView (adding other APIs and deprecating old ones).

So a GtkSourceView 3.24 is needed, so that porting applications will be
easier with the deprecation warnings [1].

And, the master branch is now ready for GtkSourceView 3.24. The question
is: when to release it? Do we do a period of freeze? There are a few
changes for translations.

I think the best is to do a few weeks of freeze and then release 3.24.
Another solution is to wait March.

What do you think?


[1] BTW, off-topic but worth mentioning, I added "version 2" functions
(e.g. to add a parameter), for example foo2() has been added, foo() has
been deprecated and in GtkSourceView 3.90 foo2() will just be renamed to
foo(). Adding foo2() is backward-compatible, so porting an application
to GtkSourceView 4 will be trivial (wrt those API breaks, at least).
Usually adding numbers at the end of function names is a bad practice,
but here it just means "version 2" (like some Linux syscalls).

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