Re: String additions to 'evolution-data-server.gnome-3-22'


On Thu, 2016-10-06 at 20:01 +0200, Piotr Drąg wrote:
  + "Failed to construct refresh_token request"
   + "Failed to encode new access token to Google secret"
   + "Failed to get Google secret from credentials"
   + "Failed to get access token from refresh_token server response"
   + "Failed to refresh token"
   + "Refresh token not found in Google secret"

Your commit broke the string freeze. Please revert it in the
gnome-3-22 branch and ask for a permission, if you want.

ouch, I knew I forgot something. I did know that I'm adding new
strings, I even know that I should ask first, but then I completely
forgot of it when committing to master and I just blindly committed it
to the stable branch as well. I'm sorry for that.

I'm CC'ing the relevant parties and doing the right thing now:

I'd like to ask for a string freeze break in the gnome-3-22 branch for
the evolution-data-server, where I made a change for [bug #771547]
"Internal Google OAuth2 authentication fails with expired token". The
change is somewhat important, because it fixes broken behaviour in
OAuth2 Google tokens handling. I added couple error messages,
translated (quoted above), which can show up in a user interface,
though only in a very very very rare cases, like when users manually
edit or remove the secrets in the seahorse. I didn't want to add
strings without being marked for translation (and diverge from git
master), thus I'd rather left them untranslated. I know this is pretty
late, quite close before the 3.22.1 release, but I hope you'll still
understand the importance of the change.

Let me apologize once again for my failure in the string freeze break
approval procedure, it really wasn't intentional.


[bug #771547]

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