Hard code freeze request

Hello release team,

I would like ask a freeze exception for two small UI improvements in nautilus path bar for 3.20.
The commits in master (I branched 3.20 early) are:
- https://git.gnome.org/browse/nautilus/commit/?id=3928b15ad5e4feaf7e36b34b727b4f4a12526c9a
- https://git.gnome.org/browse/nautilus/commit/?id=00257f2a5f3706af247c54951b8719fc2939ad28

And the difference is:
Pre patches:


This is important to be on the release because for this release we always show the sliders (the buttons on each side of the path bar), so we need to make them good enough as seen in the second screenshot, which take less width and use the correct arrows to not clash with the history navigation of nautilus.

As you can see the patches are pretty simple and safe to not affect stability of Nautilus, since they only change an icon name and add a style class to them.

Carlos Soriano

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