gnome-photos: Support undo after clicking "done" (GNOME #763096)


I would like to land this patch that adds a notification to let you
undo the effects of an editing session:

New user visible string:
  - "%s" edited

Till now you could click "cancel" to abort editing and revert to the
state before you clicked the edit button. However, there was no way to
revert if you clicked "done" by mistake. This is what this patch is

I am sorry about this late change, but it took us a while to figure
out exactly how we want "undo" to work. In the end, this is consistent
with the way we present "undo" for "delete". I would really like to
get this in for 3.20 so that users are not punished for their mistake.

Editing is a new feature this cycle, so I don't think it affects any


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