[gnome-photos] UI/Feature freeze break approval plea for 3.19.91


I would like to make a UI freeze exception for adding export notification in photos.

This is useful for notifying the user that whether his/her photos were exported successfully or not. If the photos are exported successfully, the notification will contain the message in addition to "Open" and "Export Folder" buttons. 

If the export has failed, then error checking will be done for G_IO_ERROR_NO_SPACE (disk space not available) and the notification will contain "Analyze" and "Empty trash" buttons. The "Analyze" button will open the "Disk Usage Analyzer".

If the export failed due to some other reason, only the "Failed to export" message will be displayed in the notification.

Its pretty simple feature for the UI but can enhance overall UX by giving appropriate response to the user.

The bug is here:

New strings in the patch:
Failed to export: not enough space
Failed to export
Empty Trash
Export Folder

​Thank you.​

Umang J.

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