6 month release process


I'm working on improving the on-boarding story, and one of the things we want to do is to create an infographic where we can show how GNOME development works.  While we do have a release schedule, we don't really call out exactly how that is put together.  So something like:

-6 months - development begins
-2 months - feature freeze
-1 month - string freeze
-2 weeks - code freeze
-1 week - release notes

What this does is that it shows what each of the team does so that everyone knows.  For instance, in our current release process, the engagement team work is completely opaque.  So new team members have no idea how they (engaement team) fit into the release process.  I realize there is no fast rules on being accurate.

I'd like to create something like this as the basis of an infographic that shows how all the teams participate in GNOME development.  It would be great to have some assistance in this.  I suspect about 15 minutes of your time, perhaps?

What do you guys think?


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