Re: Tablet support status (or, hitting jackpot with freeze break requests)

Hi Carlos,

Thanks for your work on this.

So the summary of freeze requests are:
- Pushing wip/pad-osd in gnome-shell
- Pushing wip/garnacho/wayland-tablet on gnome-control-center
- Disabling/dropping the wacom module from gnome-settings-daemon

I know this implies a lot of late changes: dropping support for an
entire driver, new UI, losing some configurability at places
(temporarily, I hope), ... so I may understand if feels uneasy.

Indeed.  It may be early in the freeze but it's too much and I'm -1 on
this, let's have it for 3.24.

Some "middle ground" options I might think of are:

- Still moving OSD and configuration management to mutter, although
with mixed xf86-input-libinput/wacom driver support to ensure we can
make X11 supported again ASAP.
- Wire mutter to using gsettings from gnome-settings-daemon so
x11/wayland share the same settings, and preserve the wacom plugin in
g-s-d for X11 mostly as-is. It would still be more convenient to have
the OSD in gnome-shell nonetheless.

So, how far would you let me go? :)

I want to avoid all risks of regressions in X11 (this means the second
middle ground option).  The thing is I don't want to get tablet users
in the impossible position of having to pick between working tablet
support in Wayland and whatever feature or application they were using
on X and that for any reason fails on Wayland.


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