sound-juicer 3.21.90

About Sound Juicer

A lean and friendly audio CD extractor for GNOME


* Replace Intltool with GNU Gettext (Phillip Wood, Piotr Drąg, Petr Kovar)
* Update multiple album dialog (Phillip Wood)
* Modernize preferences dialog slightly (Phillip Wood)
* Check MCN before querying detailed album metadata (Phillip Wood)
* Skip data tracks at the start of disc (Phillip Wood, Bastien Nocera)
* Rate limit musicbrainz queries (Phillip Wood)
* Retry query if MusicBrainz is busy (Phillip Wood)
* Add logging for metadata retrieval (Phillip Wood)
* Re-enable ‘re-read’ after album has been selected (Phillip Wood)
* Add Language headers to po files (Piotr Drąg)
* Ensure data/appdata exists under $(builddir) (Phillip Wood)
* Fix -Wformat-nonliteral warnings (Phillip Wood)
* Require libdiscid 0.4.0 or newer (Phillip Wood)
* Remove shadow variable from SjMetadataMusicBraninz (Phillip Wood)
        - Lithuanian (Aurimas Černius)
        - Occitan (Cédric Valmary)
        - Spanish (Daniel Mustieles)
        - Updated Indonesian (Andika Triwidada)
        - Vietnamese (Trần Ngọc Quân)
        - zh_CN (Luo Lei)

======== (987K)
  sha256sum: d67e003d078caa695d9a1c52e33b062b3d464abfd7bc468065abe431e8d394e6

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