Re: Minutes of the Board Meeting of July, 05th, 2016

Hi Board,

(Please note that this email is public and CCed to release-team@gnome.o

On Thu, 2016-07-07 at 11:51 +0200, Andrea Veri wrote:
 * Google Play account
  * 2015-12-01, ACTION: Alexandre to follow up with the Release Team
about this
  * 2015-12-08, Alexandre mailed the Release Team today, still
waiting for an answer.
  * 2015-12-15 to 2016-01-19, No updates.
  * 2016-02-02, Release team did not come to an agreement/conclusion.
Unclear what next steps should be

Sorry for the very slow response time on this.

We discussed this yesterday. We would like the contributor who was
interested in setting up the Google Play account to feel empowered to
go ahead and create the account, manage it, and to use GNOME branding
as appropriate. We expect that the account will be managed responsibly
and that problems will be unlikely.

Since this would be an official GNOME account, and we want to ensure
that we do not lose access to the account if an individual contributor
disappears, we suggest that the password to access the account be
stored wherever the Board stores other shared passwords.


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