NetworkManager 1.0.12


Overview of changes since NetworkManager-1.0.10

* DHCP leases on software devices are now renewed when the computer is
  awoken from suspend.

* Improved ifupdown plugin robustness and interoperability on Yocto and

* Fixed failed VPN activations when plugin supports interactive mode, but
  the VPN daemon does not.

* Wi-Fi monitor interfaces are now ignored, not turned into managed mode.

* AP and AdHoc mode connections with manual IP configuration are now able
  to autoconnect.

* Broken device drivers (AWS ENI) that initially have invalid MAC addresses
  are now properly managed as soon as correct MAC address is set.

* WWAN devices are unlocked a bit earlier so that supported IP versions can
  be queried.

* The NetworkManager.service was ordered after and
  dbus.service. This ensures NetworkManager doesn't set up connectivity
  before firewall rules are in place and wouldn't exit before remote
  filesystems can be umounted ensuring orderly operation of systemd
  managed installations.

* The netfilter rules used with shared IPv4 method are now removed on exit.

* Ability to manage USB gadget drivers (UDC side) has beed added.

* Infiniband transport mode change now takes place with the link set down
  because some drivers need that.

* Race conditions that could disclose connection secrets to authenticated
  local users when changing ifcfg and keyfile connections have been fixed.
  This has security impact of low severity. (CVE-2016-0764)

* A handful of memory leak and crasher bugs of minor importance have been

======== (3.33M)
  sha256sum: 3a470f8c60109b1acb5784ddc2423501706b5fe34c793a6faee87e591eb04a9e

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