NetworkManager 1.0.8


Overview of changes since NetworkManager-1.0.6

This is a new stable release of NetworkManager.  Notable changes include:

* MTU indicated by a VPN gateway is now properly applied.

* Fixed MSS setting when MTU changes.

* The default route is properly restored on device disconnect.

* Build with older toolchains has been fixed.

* The team devices can now properly be enslaved to bridges.

* Failed DHCP attempts for assumed connections are now retried after
  a timeout.

* Default wired connection is now created after udev registers the device.

* Support for Bluetooth DUN devices with Bluez 5 has been fixed.

* The ipv6.ignore-auto-dns property is now properly honored making it
  possible to override automatically obtained name servers.

* Invalid permanent MAC adddresses as reported by some devices are now

* Device links reported by more recent versions of Linux kernel that reside
  in different network namespaces are no longer confused with links in
  the namespace NetworkManager runs in.

* MAC address changes of VLANs enslaved to a bond are now properly
  propagated to the master device.

* Fixed error handling for teaming devices with invalid configuration.

* Wi-Fi AP list is now updated correctly after AP mode has been used.

* Management of a device is not attempted until the device has been
  registered with udev.

* The error handling for VPN secret agents is now significantly more robust.

* Detection of s390 CTC devices now works properly.

* A GATEWAY property in /etc/sysconfig/network now no longer affects
  non-static connections.

* Added support for IPv6-only VPN connections.

* The systemd service now uses HUP signal to reload configuration.

* Change VLAN default flags to set REORDER_HDR for new connections.

* nmtui is now able to ignore automatically configured routes.

* Numerous bash shell autocompletion fixes for nmcli.

* Allow setting IPv6 and PPP settings for GDM and CDMA connections via

* Added support for adding ADSL connections in nmcli.

* Numerous crash fixes.

* Updates to Swedish, Italian and Polish translations.

======== (3.25M)
  sha256sum: 8bb128950f8a79ff881afadb46dd55e16f952390cf7cb4e06063431e5144937f

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