Fwd: Re: GNOME 3.16 Release Video: Manuscript for revision

Think we should check as well.

Mattias: especially you :)

I cannot check too much, still haven't packaged 3.15.x. Urgh. I think I
can only do that after 3.16.0 :-(
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Now that the 3.15.90 release is out I have written the last few bits into the manuscript and I'm starting to think it covers most of this release:

For those who already read the manuscipt once, here are the new bits I put in:
"GNOME 3.16 also brings new visuals to GNOME Shell. This includes the application menu, the system menu and the activities overview. "
"GNOME Shell also provides an improved design of GNOME's notification system. The improvements aim to make notifications in GNOME more discoverable, but also easy to get out of your way. "

I hope I covered the changes well enough. Feel free to come with suggestions/changes to the manuscript in this thread or on the page itself.


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