bugs to fix for 3.14.1


after 3.14.0, we've marked bugs with 3.14.1 in the whiteboard if they
seem like good candidates for things that we should fix in 3.14.1.
Here is the current list:

728319 at-spi UNCONFIRMED Hangs when browsing using artist view
737275 glib UNCONFIRMED gobject-introspection-1.42.0 breaks lgi
737291 gnome-calculator UNCONFIRMED Crash when thousands separators are enabled
737680 gnome-documents UNCONFIRMED Keypresses detected twice in search box
737456 gnome-shell UNCONFIRMED lockscreen bypass by holding down printscreen key
727178 mutter UNCONFIRMED wayland: Make sure we don't send compositor
consumed keys on enter
737153 seahorse UNCONFIRMED seahorse (search provider) crashes when
clicked on search result (gpg key in keyring)
737267 bijiben RESOLVED FIXED please update libgd
737383 gnome-settings-daemon RESOLVED FIXED xsettings: Translate
titlebar action settings
737457 gnome-shell RESOLVED FIXED Esc key doesnt finish the alt + tab
menu anymore
737531 gnome-tweak-tool RESOLVED FIXED tweakview: Update decorations
on settings changes
737533 gnome-tweak-tool RESOLVED FIXED windows: Stop overriding the
Gtk/DecorationLayout xsetting
737818 gnome-weather RESOLVED FIXED Gnome-weather does not work:
Invalid object type `GWeatherLocationEntry'
737384 gsettings-desktop-schemas RESOLVED FIXED Change the default for
728055 mutter RESOLVED FIXED Apply keyboard repeat settings
737233 mutter RESOLVED FIXED right click on the background locks mouse clicks

As you can see, more than half are already fixed, which is pretty
awesome ! But there's still a few bugs here that would be very nice to
have fixed for 3.14.1, which is due next week. Of course, fixing bugs
that did not make it on this list is very much appreciated too!

Lets make 3.14.1 rock!


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