release artifacts


I've pushed 3.12.0 modulesets. It all built fine here. The only module
where I'm sad that I haven't gotten a 3.12.0 tarball yet is
gnome-tweak-tool - John Stowers said he'd do one, we'll see.

I've also produced a live cd and uploaded it here:

It is based on Fedora 20, with Richards copr builds. It is not perfect
- epiphany is crashing for me when run off the live image (works fine
outside), and gnome-sound-recorder and polari are not included (not in
rawhide yet :-( ). But most other things work on the live cd,
certainly good enough to qualify as successful smoke testing.

So, from my perspective, we are good to go. I'll prepare my release
announcement tomorrow morning, and wait for the go-ahead signal from

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