Re: Changes to the icon theme

Hello all,

On 22 March 2014 20:22, Ekaterina Gerasimova <kittykat3756 gmail com> wrote:
Hello Release Team,

I just updated my Rawhide testing machine to discover that some of the
icons in the top panel have changed since I last updated it a few days
ago. Specifically, I picked up on the battery-full-charged-symbolic
icon[1] my laptop is always fully charged (when I take screenshots).

The change happened 11 days ago, well past the UI freeze. It was not
announced to the docs team[2], nor to the release team as far as I can
see[3]. There are also other changes to icons in the latest releases
of gnome-icon-theme and gnome-icon-theme-symbolic, but it is difficult
for me to tell whether they affect documentation, so I would
appreciate it if the icon theme maintainers could comment on those

This change affects screenshots in a number of modules:
* at least two images in gnome-user-docs
* two screenshots in epiphany
From memory, I would say that there are a fair few more, but I would
need to spend a substantial of time looking for them as the
Documentation Team maintains docs for many modules.

Also, this affects the 3.12 release video which has been produced by
the Engagement Team (CCed for this reason).

I would like to request that this change to the battery icon is
reverted for the 3.12 release because the Documentation Team does not
have time to find and retake all of the screenshots on top of
finishing the updates to docs. The repository is not revert-friendly,
so if that change cannot be undone for the 3.12 release, I would
appreciate it if the 3.11.91 release is shipped for 3.12. I would also
like to take this opportunity to encourage the maintainers of
gnome-icon-theme-symbolic to make releases on schedule and in
compliance with freezes.

The commit has been reverted now, see for more details.
The quick resolution by the maintainers is appreciated, thank you.

All the best,


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