Re: Hard code freeze break for GNOME Photos

On Sat, 2014-03-22 at 03:41 +0530, Aruna S wrote:
The following two patches need to be considered for the freeze break:

Patch to include the Help button in the UI, this introduces a UI Change

Patch that contains translations of the "_Help" string in all the
languages that Photos is translated to currently:

With my release-team hat on I will not give this a +1 for 3.12.0.
(Anybody is free to overrule me, of course.)

We are now about 72 hours away from 3.12.0 tarball creation. 
The proposed commit touches packaging and is a functionality enhancement
(in contrast to e.g. a crasher bugfix). And after merging this patch,
the "help" git branch of gnome-photos would still have to get merged.

I would love to see this included for 3.12.1 though, if translators are
okay with the one new string ("_Help") which can be taken from existing
GTK+ translations, as in above patch by Aruna.

Andre Klapper  |  ak-47 gmx net

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