Re: Missed Release 3.11.92 for gnome-sound-recorder, Request to Include Bug Fixes Either in Late Release or in 3.12

Hi Meg,

I ran into some strange issues with Fedora 20 on wacom this past weekend,
and was not able to make a release for 3.11.92 because of an unusable
system. David King has pointed out that I have a bug in
gnome-sound-recorder which is causing the AUTHORS and COPYING files to not
be included[1]. He has also suggested that I make some changes to the
README and NEWS[3] files. Is it possible for me to make these changes and
either include them in a late release or in 3.12? If so, should I send a
request to any other lists?

It would be really nice if you managed to roll a 3.11.92 tarball
todaoy or tomorrow; that way it will make it in the .92 release.


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