Re: gnome-documents: Use header bars in dialogs (726343)

On Sat, Mar 15, 2014 at 4:07 AM, Debarshi Ray <rishi is lostca se> wrote:
Hello everybody,

We have a patch to make gnome-documents use header bars in dialogs
like the stock GTK+ dialogs and custom dialogs in other core modules:

The dialogs affected by this are:
 - PasswordDialog: used to ask for passwords of encrypted documents
 - PropertiesDialog: used for "Properties" that can be accessed from
   the gear menu and the action bar
 - OrganizeCollectionDialog: used to add/remove items to collections
 - SharingDialog: use to change the sharing permissions of Google

As far as I can make out there are no affected screenshots in the user

I would like to request a UI Freeze exception to commit this.

IF the documentation is not affected, that seems fine to me. +1 for
the release team.

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