20140304 minutes

Release Team Meeting, 2014-03-04, 18h UTC


 Frederic Peters (fredp)
 Javier Jardón (jjardon)
 Matthias Clasen (mclasen)
 Andre Klapper (andre)
 Luca Ferretti (elleuca)
 Olav Vitters (ovitters)

Special Guest:
 Sriram Ramkrishna (sri_)

 Alejandro Piñeiro (API)
 Kjartan Maraas (kmaraas)
 Colin Walters (walters)

 - Release Assignments
 - Features Review
 - Wayland Status
 - Blocker Bugs
 - Live Images
 - Sync with engagement team on release planning

Release Assignments

2014-03-03: 3.11.91: jjardon
2014-03-17: 3.11.92: fredp
2014-03-24: 3.12.0: mclasen
2014-04-14: 3.12.1: fredp

Features Review


Printing module for Google Cloud Print
 - resolved, fixed

Integrate Facebook photos in GNOME Photos
 - resolved, fixed

Git integration in the developer experience
 - gitg, not mentioned in release notes

 - we should mention the system deps (i.e. systemd for the journal)

Integrate Pocket in GNOME
 - support in Totem, not merged in Epiphany

 - florian is working towards a release
 - let's get it mentioned in the the release notes as a preview release.
   (if a release gets out and florian and #gnome-design say it's ok)

GNOME Software
 - ok
 - we should mention it relies on systemd for offline updates

Gnome Sound Recorder Preview Release
 - already in the release notes

Colour Tinting in GNOME Shell
 - not in, but there has been progress, and there's a rough idea of what
   the ui should look like

Videos application implementation
 - ok

Integrate Windows Live email in GOA and Evolution
 - resolved, fixed

Integrate Zimbra in GNOME
 - not done, postponed to 3.13

Complete the GNOME Wayland port
 - see below

Wayland Status

A wayland status update:

We're not at a point where we it is good enough to be on by default - too many
things don't work, and we can't test it widely.  So, the reponsible thing to do
is to keep it as a preview for 3.12 and keep working on it next cycle.

Blocker Bugs


we need to get the invisible cursor bug mentioned, or to disable the cursor
plugin (or have the fixed, of course).
https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=706229 desrt will talk to peter
hutterer (whot on irc) to have the "official story".

Live Images

no live images at the moment, halfline is busy doing rhel stuff.
gnome-continuous could provide vm images, but that's not as nice as the
possibility to test gnome on real hardware.

there will nevertheless be an attempt to get live images for .0.

Sync with engagement team on release planning

sri followed the meeting, the engagement team has a meeting set on thursday at
19:00 UTC.

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