GNOME 3.12 Blocker bugs

Here is the current list of 15 tickets, with some annotations:

=== CLUTTER ===
Clutter's event handling can get "stuck" under ClutterGTK+ 
 -> Jasper proposed two potential ways to fix/improve

Add wayland support
 -> attached patches need rework and review

=== GLIB/GIO ===
gio unmount code makes XFCE's Thunar crash
 -> desrt attached patches; waiting for reporter to test them
Can no longer find apps by executable/desktop file name
 -> desrt's patch has accepted-commit_now status; testcase welcome

dismissing a notification from an action button doesn't correctly hide the close button
gnome-shell crashes when searching for application with corrupt .desktop file
 -> testcase available
Suspend on idle broken by gnome-shell resetting idletime
 -> problem tracked down to a change in July 2013
Maximize without title bar causes fullscreen
 -> wondering if potential solution might hit corner cases, input needed (Owen?)
network-agent : cannot connect to new AP (password UI not showing up) 
 -> Patch has accepted-commit_now and was successfully been tested by reporter
Can't remove overview application folders; empty folders show up in overview and "add to" list
Don't show network-offline in the top bar

GtkHeaderBar doesn't honour neither Window border nor Interface font setting
 -> mclasen's patch in comment 3 awaiting review

=== GTK+ ===
tooltip: Fix possible wrong placement
 -> 14 lines patch available in comment #4 awaiting review
Message Dialog Layout
 -> mostly padding issues; would be partially addressed by Jon's patch in bug 725345
Add shortcut to move focus to the GtkHeaderBar
 -> like F10, for accessibility

List of bugs from:

Andre Klapper  |  ak-47 gmx net

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