Re: [pango] 1.36.4

hi Behdad;

On 23 June 2014 22:59, Behdad Esfahbod <behdad behdad org> wrote:
Ugh.  Wish I had in mind that a release is coming.  My bad.

I changed API in harfbuzz master, which broken Pango build.  ebassi updated
Pango and required harfbuzz 0.9.25, which does NOT have the API change.

I was trying to put the GNOME autobuilder back to working, since it
had been failing for a whole night; given that Pango sits fairly low
on the stack, it not building was preventing other modules from
building and the tests from running.

I bumped the HB requirement in Pango to 0.9.29, which was the version
in Git that held the commit that changed the API, not to 0.9.25.

if the harfbuzz API can change without the version not getting bumped
in Git, then it's a problem for every other project that depends on

Alternatively, and perhaps this is the better option: I can add the old API
back in...   The code involved is in pango-ot, that is fairly unused.  I can
remove the hb function call there completely so newer Pango will keep building
with a variety of harfbuzz versions.  There won't be any lost functionality in


adding back the old symbol, maybe as a wrapper that passes NULL with a
deprecation warning, is perfectly fine by me.



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