gtk-sharp 2.99.3


Gtk# 2.99.3 is a beta release of C# bindings for GTK 3.x.

This version of Gtk# provides bindings for the API exposed by these libraries:
  * cairo 1.10.0
  * glib 2.28.0
  * pango 1.28.3
  * atk 1.32.0
  * gdk-pixbuf 2.22.1
  * gtk+ 3.0.0

There is no API stability guarantee for now, but we try to keep breaking
changes to a minimum.

This version of Gtk# can be installed in parallel with Gtk# 2.x, and should not
have any impact on applications using Gtk# 2.x.

New features and enhancements

 * Windows installer: this is the first release of a Gtk# Windows installer
   with GTK+ 3.x. It includes 32-bit native binaries of GTK+ 3.6.4, provided
 * generator: Add support for fixed length arrays as method parameters
 * build: Add a pkg-config file for gdk-sharp-3.0
 * Add samples to show the Spinner widget, and to demonstrate CSS theming


  * generator: Create a directory for each namespace of generated code
  * cairo: Remove FormatStrideForWidth and PathExtents methods from Context
  * glib: Add GVariant to fundamental types and allow conversion to and from

Bug fixes

  * Various fixes to build on Windows with MinGW and the .NET compiler
  * generator: Fix generation of SetGValue method
  * generator: Add new keyword to GType property if it hides parent
  * generator: Fix handle being passed when type is a struct
  * generator: Fix signature of static method overloads
  * gtk: Add ListStore.SetValue overload for long type

======== (1.45M)
  sha256sum: 6440f571416267ae0cb5698071d087b31e3084693fa2c829b1db37ca7ea2c3a2

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