gstreamer 1.4.0


2014-07-19  Sebastian Dröge <slomo coaxion net>

          releasing 1.4.0

2014-07-19 12:16:58 +0200  Sebastian Dröge <sebastian centricular com>

        * po/da.po:
        * po/sv.po:
          po: Update translations

2014-07-17 15:53:53 +0200  Thibault Saunier <tsaunier gnome org>

        * libs/gst/base/gstbaseparse.c:
          baseparse: Return FLOW_FLUSHING when pushing a frame on a pad that has been flushed
          When going to READY, it is possible that we are still pusing a frame but that
          our srcpad has already been set to flushing. In that case we should not
          post any error on the bus but instead cleanly return FLOW_FLUSHING.

2014-07-17 07:07:36 +0200  Edward Hervey <edward collabora com>

        * plugins/elements/gsttypefindelement.c:
          typefindelement: Propagate input buffer PTS and DTS
          The initial buffers (that were used for timestamping) might have PTS
          and DTS set. In order to forward those properly, get the initial
          PTS/DTS from the adapter and set them on the reconstructed output

2014-07-12 17:01:23 +0200  Sebastian Rasmussen <sebras hotmail com>

        * gst/gstdebugutils.c:
          debugutils: Unref pad template after use

2014-07-14 18:10:45 -0300  Thiago Santos <ts santos sisa samsung com>

        * gst/gst.c:
          gst: init taglist gtype to use it in gstvalue
          Otherwise it will have a 0 value and GstTagList won't be found
          for GstValue functions (serialization/deserialization)

======== (3.17M)
  sha256sum: 23c39fdc2b24f889b07cab0449825384fef7592a121e180729fd9025ec45c695

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