moduleset changes

One of the action items from the release team BOF at guadec was to
publicize jhbuild moduleset changes.

So, here is a summary of moduleset changes that have happened since
Guadec, brought to you by the release team (all pretty uncontroversial
and obvious, I hope):

configuration changes

libxkbcommon builds with --enable-x11 - mutter requires xkbcommon-x11
adwaita-icon-theme depends on librsvg
gtk+ suggests adwaita-icon-theme

new dependencies

libxcb 1.10 and xcb-proto - xbkcommon-x11 requires these
qqwing - gnome-sudoku uses this to generate puzzles
xwayland - mutter depends on it

dependency version changes

WebKit 2.5.3
WebKit 2.4.5
gnutls 3.1
lcms2 2.6
appstream-glib 0.2.x
poppler 0.26.4

Enjoy, Matthias

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