cleaning up categories


At GUADEC we discussed cleaning the various categories we have for our
modules, to make things more understandable and to share things
between our various services.

Brace your monospace font, here is a table:

  doap files[1]     damned lies          bugzilla          jhbuild
   core              core                 core              core[2]
   core apps         -                    -                  \ utilities
   -                 backends             -                  \ shell
   -                 -                    -                  \ extras
   -                 -                    -                  \ os services
   apps              apps                 applications      apps
   admin             -                    -                 -
   bindings          -                    bindings          -
   deprecated        -                    deprecated        -
   desktop           -                    -                 -
   devel tools       devel tools          -                 -
   infrastructure    infrastructure[3]    infrastructure    -
   platform          core libraries       platform          devel platform
   -                 extra libraries      -                 extra devel platform
   productivity      productivity[3]      -                 -
   -                 utils                -                 -
   -                 accessibility        -                 -
   -                 games                -                 -
   other             -                    other             -

[1] this is directly used on
[2] this is divided in four subcategories
[3] those are not in the default set of modules to translate

Where do we go from here?

Notes and suggestions: (not a plan)

 - we want a flat list. (but does that mean merging all four jhbuild
   core subcategories in a single "core", or dispatching things in
   various parts?)

 - damned lies & bugzilla lists should be created from the doap files.

 - ditto for &

 - admin: it exists in the doap file schema but it's not used anymore
   (it was pessulus & sabayon)

 - backends (damned lies) / shell (jhbuild): sounds like "absolutely
   core things, it will technically break if a module is removed"

 - bindings: some of the modules are just the support infrastructure
   for gobject introspection but other ones (*mm for example) do exist
   in a quantity equal to the libraries they bind.

 - deprecated: it's missing from jhbuild, because we move things to

 - desktop: just like admin, it's not used anymore.

 - development tools: special purpose apps (anjuta, devhelp, gitg,
   nemiver...) should be considered apps. Then there is zenity, what
   about it?

 - infrastructure: ok as it is, not something we distribute.

 - devel platform / extra devel platform: we need to decide on a
   precise set, we also need to decide on the presence of bindings

 - productivity: they are apps.

 - utils (damned lies category): it contains both "core apps" (or
   "core utilities" in jhbuild-speak), and apps; they should go in
   their respective categories.

 - accessibility: not sure why they're separated in damned lies.

 - games: separated in damned lies; in jhbuild they are considered apps.



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