GNOME 3.14 Blocker Bugs (week 33)

Thanks everybody for cleaning up last week's list by fixing and
reassassing quite some items! 
There are only eight items left marked as blockers:

== cogl ==

glx_event_filter_cb: SIGSEGV
  Issue can be worked around by disabling DRI3.

== gdm ==

Changing language from user panel does nothing
  Ray wrote that it might be a side-effect of the
  LANG patch in bug 709105.
  (Added to list based on feedback from last week.)

== gnome-control-center ==

background: thumbnails are tiny in 3.13.3
  Debarshi and Bastien discussed; might be fixed already 
  but there is one patch left in "accepted-commit_now" status.

== gnome-shell ==

Sometimes, when I alt+tab to switch apps, my shell freezes completely
  Two people can reproduce; more input and analysis
  highly welcome.

== gtk+ ==

gtk-demo: entry completion doesn't work
  Needs a "patch using window type hints as short-term
  fix if possible" according to last comment.

treeview: column drop target visualization broken
  Uncomplete WIP patch by Matthias attached

== mutter ==

[regression] Can't turn off wayland
  Jasper wrote "Stuff will be broken for a bit" in
  May; status update welcome.

== polari ==

polari 3.13.2 has a lot of transparent text, making it almost impossible
to use
  Likely fixed already, needs new tarball to retest?

===Further bugs that could be good to fix:===

These items have a status whiteboard entry which says "3.14".
Maintainers are free to bump it or remove it if it feels wrong.

== adwaita-icon-theme ==

Clunky pointer spinner
  Patch by Jakub available.

== Evolution ==

Google Calendar not syncing properly
  but workaround mention in comment 3.

== gnome-shell ==

Modal password boxes prevent users from looking up or generating
  Discussion has evolved lately but likely nothing
  to improve for 3.14?

== gtk+ ==

GtkPlacesSidebar - refine spacing

Andre Klapper  |  ak-47 gmx net

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