3.13 and adwaita-icon-theme

Thanks Matthias for the call for tarballs,

Hey, just another reminder - tarballs 3.13.1 are due on Monday.

For 3.13.1 (is there a volunteer?), a major disturbance as far as we
are concerned, release engineering wise, is the rename of gnome-icon-
theme to adwaita-icon-theme.

(I won't insist on this, but this is totally the kind of change I
would love to be discussed, as a bit of planning and perspective is

Anyway, dealing with it:

As unexpected impact, a quick grep shows there are several modules
declaring a dependency on gnome-icon-theme in their configure.ac.
(eog, evince, evolution, gnome-system-monitor, gtkhtml, ibus-anthy,
totem, vinagre)

We don't do .2 releases anymore, still I felt it would be nice not to
break every modulesets <3.13, so I fixed the old jhbuild modulesets to
use the new module name and correct branches.


As for continuous, it's been set to the latest 3.12 release for now,
but that won't work if modules configure.ac files are updated with the
new name.  Probably it needs to build both gnome-icon-theme 3.12 and
adwaita-icon-theme 3.13.  Colin?


This is a change I just did to jhbuild, to keep on building the 3.12
branch of gnome-icon-theme, for the benefit of modules I cited
earlier.  This may also help us track those dependencies.


I didn't discuss the matter with evolution maintainers, but as their
schedule is now to only release once a year, and gtkhtml and evolution
are in the concerned modules, maybe we will have to keep on carrying
gnome-icon-theme 3.12 branch into 3.14 till the end.

Here we are, I'll also try to get a look at tarball-conversion.config
this weekend, to prepare the matter for whoever will handle 3.13.1
next week.

Keep on hacking,


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