Clocks late break request (geolocation)


     I know it is very late in the cycle, but I'd like to ask you if I can land support for geolocation in gnome-clocks.
The feature was developed by Evgeny during GSOC and it is the natural companion to the geolocation support that was added to the control-center, so I think it would be great to have since geolocation support is one of the themes of 3.10 (maps, etc)

The code has been reviewed and tested and I am confident about it, the delay in landing it is mostly due to getting all the moving parts aligned (geoclue2, vala etc)

The UI impact of the feature is minimal (no new dialogs or buttons, simply the clock for the current location is added at startup)

The impact on translations is one new string (the gsetting)

The code is available on this git branch:



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