gstreamer 1.0.6


Changes since 1.0.5:

      * bin: reset GValue from iterator after usage, fixing leak
      * pipeline: fix seeking on pipeline with NULL clock
      * message: accept NULL error argument in gst_message_parse_{error,warning,info}
      * basesrc: handle renegotiation correctly
      * basesink: handle sync of EOS after item without duration
      * basetransform: avoid warnings from NULL outcaps passed to transform_size in shutdown race
      * adapter, basesrc, typefind: handle gst_buffer_map failure
      * queuearray: fix gst_queue_array_drop_element() 
      * queuearray: fix gst_queue_array_find()
      * queue: remove query from queue if queue is flushing
      * g-i: make sure enumeration types and flags are introspected and available to bindings
      * g-i: add allow-none annotation for gst_pipeline_new()'s name property

Bugs fixed since 1.0.5:

      * 684804 : basesink: fails to post EOS message with RTSP stream
      * 691185 : g-i: GStreamer enums and flags not usable - " expected enumeration type GstFormat, but got 
Format instead " warning when setting GstFormat property on GStreamer appsrc element
      * 691985 : gst_pad_check_reconfigure: only remove flag if set.
      * 691986 : basesrc: set NEED_RECONFIGURE flag if negotiate fails
      * 692691 : queue: dangling pointer when doing allocation query on a flushing queue
      * 692868 : basesink: expands GAP event without duration to last to segment end
      * 693065 : pipeline: criticals when seeking on pipeline with NULL clock
      * 693587 : Adding offset to GstSegment deserialize/serialize to fix jump on uninitialized value
      * 693704 : gst_message_parse_{warning,error} annotations wrongly claim allow-none for GError parameter
      * 693996 : basetransform: audioresample shutdown unit test fails with 'gst_audio_info_from_caps: caps 
!= NULL'  in transform_size

=========  (10.4K)

======== (2.99M)
  sha256sum: 50d4050cd6a23684b6bbf40a9b7c132edfb39fe9db2d81980adaa6e72f4d5826

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