Re: new spidermonkey in 3.8?

I believe the plan is (from discussions with walters) to branch gjs for the 3.8 release. So essentially there 
would be two gjs versions at
release, one for the old spidermonkey and one for the new spidermonkey. It would then be up to distro's to 
choose which version they use.

The improvements that the new spidermonkey bring are well worth the risk IMO. much better GC and no more 
deadlocks etc.

Official tarball should be released early this week. Just waiting on sstangl to get ftp access to make the 
release, otherwise rc1 is at this
stage, what will be released.


On 09/03/13 19:01, Frederic Peters wrote:

About memory leaks in gnome-shell, Jasper just wrote in,

  This is partially a SpiderMonkey bug. If all the dates align just
  right, we may be able to fix this for 3.8.

This would happen by updating to js188, the appropriate changes to gjs
are already ready,

But there is no js188 tarball yet,

At this time, if a tarball happened, would we accept such a change in
3.8?  I am of the opinion it didn't have enough widespread testing,
and that we shouldn't update.

What about you?


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