msitools 0.92

About msitools

msitools is a set of programs to inspect and build Windows Installer
(.MSI) files. It is based on libmsi, a portable library to read and
write .MSI files. libmsi in turn is a port of (and a subset of) Wine's
implementation of the Windows Installer.


- msidump & msidiff added
- Add nss/nspr/libcacard wxi
- Some i18 support, thanks to all translators
- Build clean-ups
- Misc bug fixes


- msiextract added, a tool to extract the archived files
- wixl now uses stable UUID, has learned to deal with services and
  custom actions.
- Build fixes to satisify RHEL6


- wixl added, a simple WiX-like tool
- libmsi is now fully GIR friendly


- Initial release
- msibuild & msiinfo tools provided

======== (580K)
  sha256sum: 0df0f38a3ee416a2859f27353add048a59b293ef170ee8aad69ee51727e6b5ee

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