[engineering.redhat.com #189936] Epiphany 3.7.x shows your password in the address bar

On Mon Mar 04 04:37:10 2013, rishi is lostca se wrote:
Recent 3.7.x releases of Epiphany (eg., 3.7.90), shows the password in the
address bar for websites that require HTTP authentication
(eg., https://docspace.corp.redhat.com/) after authentication.

Hi ,

Thanks for getting in touch with us. As mentioned later in this thread,
this is indeed a webkit bug:
Fixed via the following patch:

We would let the Webkit project sort out the CVE assigning task, since
they have been doing that earlier and we dont want to sort out duplicates
later on.

Since its fixed some time back (8 weeks ago), i am sure it will be picked
up by webkitgtk in Fedora in some time.

Please let me know, if anything else is required on my side.



Huzaifa Sidhpurwala / Red Hat Security Response

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