Re: BlueZ 5 migration

On Fri, 2013-06-14 at 11:42 +0200, Bastien Nocera wrote:

gnome-bluetooth[1] and gnome-shell[2] have been ported to use BlueZ 5,
the new major version of the Bluetooth handling daemon and utilities[3],
and will available in GNOME 3.10.

gnome-user-share is still being worked on [4] as it requires some
obexd/bluetoothd changes. NetworkManager port is also in progress.
PulseAudio already supports both BlueZ 4 and Bluez 5.

I had brought this up on IRC, but that morphed into a discussion with
the BlueZ folks, so let me just summarise here:

* The latest released PulseAudio does not support BlueZ 5, only BlueZ 4

* Initial support for BlueZ 5 has been merged in master, but this is
only A2DP and not HSP/HFP (in non-Bluetooth-speak, that means you can
play music but not use it for voice calls)

* Based on some discussion, the consensus was for HSP support to be
implemented BlueZ first, following which we'll need to add support for
this in PulseAudio

All this means is that it is not clear at this point whether we'll have
a release of PulseAudio which supports BlueZ 5, and whether there will
be a BlueZ 5.x version with voice calls support in time for GNOME 3.10.

The BlueZ folks (João Paulo and Mikel) have been doing the heavy-lifting
on this front. Knowing what the timelines are from GNOME's perspective
would be useful in figuring out when we need to get this in by (and
released) and whether this is possible at all.


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