Overview of changes since NetworkManager-0.9.8

This is a new stable release of NetworkManager.  Notable changes include:

* Memory leak fixes
* Ensure the ifcfg-rh plugin saves the bridging STP setting correctly
* Also request static routes from DHCP servers
* Fix crash when dbus-daemon restarts
* Look harder for the machine ID and don't crash if we don't have one
* Copy DHCP leasefiles from the previous location if necessary
* Wait up to 120 seconds for modems to connect
* Don't crash for PPPoE connections with no wired setting
* Fix AvailableConnections for some WiFi connections
* Ensure new available connections generate the PropertiesChanged signal
* Ensure the keyfile plugin reads all-default VLAN connections correctly
* Suppress the kernel's automatic creation of bond0
* Make the SecretAgent API introspectable for bindings
* Ensure ActiveConnections get torn down when device is unavailable
* Ensure ifupdown plugin rechecks unmanaged devices on interface changes
* Don't prematurely think IPv6 has succeeded due to left-over addresses
* Fix various systemd issues and add service file for the dispatcher
* Updates for new ModemManager API changes
* Fix crash on Wi-Fi when IP configuration times out

======== (1.88M)
  sha256sum: 5c0b2f71b2f61e0dfbe95cebad83001758db252d5cdf5b6f7ceebac9c6bd7ead

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